Services Offered

Whether you’re dealing with a past injury, chronic pain, are new to exercise or have been out of the exercise world for awhile and want to get back into it, Autumn will work to develop a program to meet you where you are and help you realize your full fitness potential.


In Home Personal Training:

Autumn will come to you and take you through an exercise program designed specifically to help you meet your goals.

Online Personal Training:

Don't let your health concerns or distance stop you from working with me!  With virtual training sessions you have the benefit of assessments and personalized exercise programming wherever you are.

Nutrition Coaching:

However you decide to train, nutrition education comes hand in hand.  I will help you develop new healthy eating habits and break ones that hold you back!


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Introductory Package ~ 35% off
6 sessions at $35 each ($210 total)
(To be used within 3 months of purchase)
Packages are sold in 8 week increments
1 day a week -$55 each session = $440 (or 2 payments of $220)
2 days a week -$45 per session = $720 (or 2 payments of $360)
3 days a week -$40 per session = $960 ( or 2 payments of $480)
***Train with a friend or loved one***  Second person pays half price!
Couples Packages
1 day a week - $82.50 each session= $660
2 days a week - $67.50 per session = $1,080
3 days a week - $60 per session = $1,440